Making a Difference for Female Athletes and Coaches Engaged in Sports!

FACES of Total Victory is designed to identify issues facing female athletes and coaches in today’s society and culture and meet those needs in an uplifting and comfortable environment.

It is led by women who have a diverse and extensive background in women’s sports and a passion to see athletes and coaches experience victory in all areas of their lives. The most vital part of our ministry is listening to and developing genuine relationships with coaches, so that we can provide the coaches and athletes with effective support.


FACES of Total Victory® Devotional Bible©

The FACES of Total Victory® Devotional Bible leads the way as the first devotional Bible created specifically for Female Athletes and Coaches Engaged in Sports! This unique resource inspires and speaks to the heart of girls and women of all sports and ages.

We focus on three main types of events:

Large Conferences

For female Athletes and Coaches in three separate age divisions; Elementary School, Middle and High School, and College. These consist of:

  • Olympic-style Opening Ceremony celebrating female athletes and their sports.
  • Age-appropriate Breakout Sessions led by professionals on topics including Self Esteem, Identity and Value, Social Media, Bullying, Peer Pressure, Anxiety, Depression, Suicide, Human Trafficking, Eating Disorders, Body Image, College Recruitment, and Life After Sports.
  • Closing Ceremonies that include a motivating and inspirational challenge from nationally recognized women in the sports world.

Events and Retreats

Specifically for female coaches to encourage and equip them as they lead and influence the girls they coach. This includes a group for “Moms Who Coach” and other events that allow women to network and fellowship with other women who are coaches.

These opportunities are important as women often feel isolated, misunderstood, and overlooked in a career that is dominated by male leadership. Our desire is to encourage women to stay the course as it is important for girls to have positive female role models.

Team Dynamics Development

An important extension of our Large Group Conferences. Providing resources and guidance that encourages teams to continue to meet together on a regular basis and teaches athletes how to serve, encourage, lead, and grow into healthy, well-adjusted women.

Our FACES of Total Victory® Devotional Bible© is a unique resource created and published by FACES of Total Victory® NP for use by teams and individual female athletes and coaches.

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FACES of Total Victory NP does not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or age in any of its activities, events or programs.