Thank you for your interest in volunteering with FACES of Total Victory®!

A variety of opportunities are available, and your help will make a difference. Because we are committed to creating a safe, welcoming environment for participants at all ministry activities, events, and programs, we have made safety and security top priorities. Volunteers participating in ministry activities, events, and programs involving direct contact with student athletes of any age are required to have a background check and complete child protection training provided on line by FACES of Total Victory® through an organization called Protect My Ministry.

NOTE: If you have had a background check and/or child protection training and can document either one or both, be prepared to share that information at the appropriate point in the steps that follow.


STEP 1 →

Contact Kaye O’Sullivan at to indicate your interest in volunteering.

STEP 2 →

Kaye will contact you to discuss areas of need and direct you to the Protect My Ministry Web site and link to complete an information form that, once completed, will be sent to her by that provider.

STEP 3 →

Kaye will contact you again to give you access information to the online training consisting of watching a video and completing questions about the content provided.

STEP 4 →

Once the background check and training have been completed, Kaye will contact you to confirm that you are cleared for service.

Thank you so much for helping us create the best ministry environment possible for our athletes!