I have had the distinct blessing of having a female-athlete-focused ministry in my life both as a player and as a coach. Women athletes are strong, independent, beautiful, fearless, and powerful, and are often overlooked. There is a desperate need in this group for Jesus and His message of love, redemption, and grace. A ministry like this takes all those wonderful qualities of female athletes and leads them to the Father, to further the Kingdom. People like Kaye O’Sullivan, who have devoted their lives to the Lord and bringing Jesus on the court and on the field have reached thousands of young women with the Gospel. Without this ministry, I would not be the Christian woman and coach I am today. I’m so appreciative of the impact this ministry has on my life, but now as a coach, seeing the impact it has on my team brings me more joy that I can put into words.

Ashlen Dewart

Head Girls Basketball Coach, Seneca High School

Do you have a female athlete or coach that you would like to recognize and honor in a way that not ONLY makes a difference for her, but also in the lives of others?

We all need to feel noticed and appreciated. FACES of Total Victory® invites you to make a meaningful gift to honor that special daughter, granddaughter, sister, wife, teammate, or influential coach in your life! If you include the name and address of the female athlete or coach, we will send a card acknowledging your thoughtful gift.  You can recognize and honor your athlete/coach in a way that not only makes a difference for her, but also in the lives of others,