FACES of Total Victory® Devotional Bible©

The FACES of Total Victory® Devotional Bible leads the way as the first devotional Bible created specifically for Female Athletes and Coaches Engaged in Sports! This unique resource inspires and speaks to the heart of girls and women of all sports and ages by combining:

  • Forty devotions written by a diverse group of women who competed at the Olympic, Professional, and/or Collegiate levels and personally share their dreams, struggles, and victories in “Training with the Champions”!
  • A creative and relevant guide to discover and determine “What is Your Relationship with Jesus?”, Are you “In the Game?”, and “What is Your Next Step?”
  • Each devotion gives you specific scripture to read and has relevant questions to discuss and a place to write your thoughts.
  • An easy-to-read-and-understand Large Print edition of the entire Holy Bible, New Living Translation by Tyndale House Publishing, including a Life Application® Life Topics Index, and a One Year® Bible Reading Plan.

FACES of Total Victory® Devotional Bible© is the perfect gift for:

  • Female Athletes and Coaches of any age,
  • Birthday, Christmas, Easter, and Other Special Occasions,
  • Your Entire Team to Use and Grow Together, and
  • Sponsors who would like to provide a Meaningful and Lasting Award for a Team.
  • Ordering as a team saves on shipping and handling costs in addition to 10% off cases of 24 or 5% off a box of 12-23.
  • All proceeds from the sale of these Devotional Bibles goes directly into our Bible Ministry Fund to provide for the purchase of additional FACES of Total Victory® Devotional Bibles.

We would love to know of any commitment you have made during your journey through the FACES of Total Victory® Devotional Bible©.