FACES of Total Victory® Devotional Bible©

1st Devotional Bible published specifically for Female Athletes and Coaches Engaged in Sports combines the New Living Bible, including:

40 devotions written by an amazing group of women who competed at the Olympic, Professional, and Collegiate level, who were chosen to share their story.

Designed to be experienced together with YOUR TEAM or on your own. Female athletes of ALL ages can relate, as these women share their journey with God in the world of sports.

Be ENCOURAGED, CHALLENGED, and CHANGED while “Training With the Champions” as you read God’s Word with a fresh understanding!

The requests across the country for this unique FACES of Total Victory® Devotional Bible© have been overwhelming, as we had to re-order soon after the first shipment arrived. It was amazing to see FACES board member Leah Amico, teaching from this Bible in the Garden of Gethsemane, on a recent trip to the Holy Land!

We would love to know of any commitment you have made during your journey through the FACES of Total Victory® Devotional Bible©.